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"Raft: The Drifting Border" reaches Macquarie's shores

The social, political and economic changes to Australian culture in recent years are the catalyst for the current thought-provoking exhibition at the Macquarie Art Gallery.
“Raft: The Drifting Border” is a collection of works by artist Stephen Copland and raises questions of territorial borders and national identity. Curated by art historian Rod Pattenden, the exhibition examines how Australians fixate their hopes and fears on the watery border of the ocean and the wavering line that defines Australia’s cultural identity as an island.

The exhibition features works in a variety of mediums including bronze sculpture, digital film, wood, wax, painting and drawing. After writing extensively on the subject of immigration, refugees and government policy, Australian journalist David Marr opened the exhibition in late August.

 Image:'The Question' by Stephen Copland
Image:'The Question' by Stephen Copland

Image: Stephen Copland

Copland’s work embodies an undeniable political voice, reflecting on Australia’s response to asylum seekers and boat people. Australian’s changing views of migration and the idea of the coast are a thread of commonality between each of the works in the exhibition.

Copland credits French painter Theodore Gericault as his inspiration for the exhibition. Gericault’s painting “The Raft of Medusa” created a new shift in the French romantic period when it addressed a contemporary political event of government corruption. Political incompetence led to the sinking of the frigate ‘Medusa’ in 1816 which led to a large loss of life.

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