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Exchange Journal
Kim Bussell discovers that snow and sport is a way of life at Michigan State

I had the opportunity to study at Michigan State University during the Spring Semester 2008.

During my time there I was enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Human Geography. I studied Economic Geography and Sociology in the strands of Development Studies, Family Studies and Youth and Culture.

I enjoyed the most my Youth and Culture sociology class because a sub-topic I studied was all about the sub-culture of hip hop.

Being there in the spring semester meant that for most of my time in East Lansing I was living in snow.

This was an amazing experience, especially since I was living in such extreme opposite conditions to what I’m used to.

I have since decided that I would prefer snow than rain any day because at least snow doesn’t make you get too wet!

After living in such cold conditions, when the snow melted and the warm sun came out, everyone took advantage of the outdoors and the campus really came alive, which was really nice to see.

Kim prefers the snow to rain any day!

Walking to class in the snow was a strange and fun experience for Kim Bussell studying at Michigan State University in the United States

Living on campus in the dorms I met plenty of new friends, and I have developed friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Sharing a room with someone was also a great American experience; I had the opportunity to spend the semester sleeping in loft beds!

For a period of time I attended the Dodge Ball club to have a taste of American sport. It was surprising how similar the sport was to the movie!

Michigan State is one of the top ten universities so university sport is a significant part of everyday life whether it is ice hockey, basketball or football. 

It was great going along and supporting State in the games and being a part of the school spirit! Exchange was such an incredible opportunity, one that I am extremely glad that I took advantage of during my study at Macquarie University.

Kim Bussell
Studied at Michigan State University, United States for One Semester.

Macquarie University students who are enrolled in a full degree program are eligible to apply for a travel grant for international studies.


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