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Macquarie welcomes new students

“I was so confused when I first arrived on campus, so I can empathise with the new students,” says Vanessa Hoban.

Studying a Bachelor of Media with Bachelor of Laws, Vanessa believes “orientation has become a lot easier over the years. Students are given clear steps to follow.”

Vanessa is one of dozens of student volunteers across the campus during mid-year enrolment and orientation for international students.

Also at the information booth is Bachelor of Applied Finance student Ishwinder Kaur. “I wanted to meet new people and be able to help new students.”

Ishwinder has been giving friendly advice to students for the past week and encourages students to become involved in campus life.

“I wasn’t aware of all the fun clubs and societies I could join, it’s definitely something first year students should check out.”

Daniel Rianto agrees, “You should find out your possibilities socially and academically.”

Many students enjoy the grass by the lake to catch up with friends, discuss lecture notes and private study

Daniel, Ishwinder and Vanessa are happy to help their fellow students find their way around Macquarie during mid-year enrolment and orientation

“There are some really cool lecturers at Macquarie and interesting elective subjects. Talk to people and do some research before you enrol,” says the Bachelor of e-Business student.

All of the volunteers agree that the parkland campus is a great place to relax between classes, but they have all have a unique, special place.

“I like the grass spot opposite the library. And during exams level four of the library is a quiet space to study,” says Ishwinder.

Daniel likes to “study with friends at Building E6A in the computer labs, but I like to hang out at the UBar on campus.”

Whereas Vanessa believes “you can’t go past the lake for a great spot to relax or study.”

For enrolment information, including informative enrolment vodcasts, visit the website

International students should also visit the International Student Services website for details.


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