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Offering a helping hand to new students

This week thousands of new and current Macquarie students are enrolling on campus.

For first-time university students it can be a daunting task to navigate around the campus.

Luckily Macquarie’s Student Mentors are here to help. Part of Macquarie's Transition program, Mentors help students by sharing their own experiences of first year. They also help new students find their way around the campus.

Student Mentor Iain Brew says “I wanted to get involved in the Transition program to help other students. I like how Macquarie treats students as individuals, not just a number.”

Iain is studying a Bachelor of Media and a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Music concurrently. “I choose Macquarie because of the flexibility of degrees and subjects. Studying two degrees opens up more opportunities and sheds light on what you can do.”

“I also really respect Macquarie University’s commitment to the environment and sustainability, there are some really good initiatives around campus like the geothermic heating of building E11A.”

Jessica believes Macquarie offers a balanced lifestyle of study, life skills and fun times

Student mentors (L-R) James Kelly, Jessica Khattar and Iain Brew are happy to help fellow students at Macquarie

Jessica Khattar became a Mentor Leader because “I wanted to give something back to Macquarie. It’s a really rewarding experience helping other students and meeting new people. It has also improved my leadership skills.”

To continue her Italian studies from high school, Jessica chose to study a Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws.

“I’m considering going on exchange later this year. Macquarie gives really generous travel grants. I’m thinking of either improving my Italian or going to one of the best Laws schools in Canada.”

Jessica believes “University is a holistic learning experience. As you go along you discover new things about yourself and what you can achieve.”

“Macquarie University offers a balanced lifestyle; great education, life skills, social events and a space to just hanging out with friends.”

For more information on Mentors @ Macquarie, visit the website.

For orientation and enrolment information for international students, visit the Macquarie International website.


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