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Communication skills a must for banking career

Recent Chinese graduate Eddie Yuan has a successful banking career in Australia.

Eddie is a Personal Banker for one of Australia’s leading banks, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ).

Before commencing his Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting at Macquarie, Eddie studied at the Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT).

“SIBT is a great platform for international students. It helped me settle down in a new country by training my language skills, getting to know the society, and providing necessary information in all aspects of my life,” says Eddie.

By studying a Diploma of Commerce at SIBT, Eddie was able to commence his Macquarie University degree during the second year.

“SIBT provides some foundation courses, which gave me a solid knowledge base in the area I was studying,” says Eddie.

“The smaller classes at SIBT and great lecturers really helped me to get involved in my study and to enjoy learning.  I found my degree at Macquarie challenging but very rewarding.  The SIBT experience really helped me prepare for university and beyond.”

After graduating from accounting, Eddie Yuan from China now has a successful career in banking at ANZ

Being a Personal Banker not only requires mathematical skills, but excellent communication skills as well. Eddie believes “the most important thing I learnt at Macquarie is how to communicate with people from different cultures.”

“It is very important for me to build up a good relationship to every customer I meet. During my time at Macquarie, I made friends from all over the world which helped me to understand their habits and culture. This helps me greatly in my job.”

Eddie’s fondest memory of Macquarie was his feeling of achievement at graduation. Eddie recalls “all my friends were there and when I got my degree from the Chancellor, I was really proud of myself. After three years of hard work I had finally I got it!”

For more information about courses at the Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT), visit the website.

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