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Wealth of resources for business students

Business students have a wealth of facilities in the new Division of Economic and Financial Studies (EFS) buildings.

The buildings called E4A and E4B house additional classrooms, IT facilities and EFS offices.

Building E4B is home to the new EFS Resource and Information Centre (ERIC). “ERIC is a fantastic resource for students at Macquarie University,” says Julie Monteban, Student Activities Co-ordinator at ERIC.

“One of our most successful and rewarding programs is the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL),” says Julie.

The PAL sessions are run in various units by students who have done the unit in the recent past, achieved good grades, and are excellent communicators.

The tutors don't "teach"; they provide opportunities for the students to discuss topics from the unit and to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the unit.

“The emphasis is on students doing the talking and on working together in pairs and groups, with the tutor's guidance,” says Julie.

Carl Ng enjoys helping other students achieve

Students can use a number of facilities in E4B

Student tutor Carl Ng became involved in PAL to “give support to students that traditional classes at university can’t provide.” The PAL sessions “gives students the opportunity to study in an informal environment. Students feel more comfortable asking questions in a small group.”

Carl is a third year student of a Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting with Bachelor of Laws degree.

The study groups are kept small, from 5 to 20 students per session. Carl believes “Students also benefit from the tutor’s experience, so they can see the whole course from a ‘big picture’ perspective.”

Sessions are voluntary and free for any interested student. Contact ERIC for more information.


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