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New students enjoy Orientation events

Students have been busy with Orientation events this month, as Macquarie welcomes 1,000 new international students with dinners, tours and activities.

Last week’s Orientation Dinner brought 250 new students to beautiful Cockle Bay, Sydney, for a huge meal and fascinating performance by indigenous dancing group, Descendance.

Danish student Mikkel Rand Hinrichsen said, “I came to meet people from other countries. You tend to mingle with people from your own country when you arrive in a new place, but the Danes are sitting apart tonight.”

Mikkel has been here a month and said Australian people were the highlight so far. “Australians are very friendly and outgoing. It’s been extraordinary, I think there’s a lot that we could learn from their openness.”

New students at the German welcome night


Students at last week's Orientation Dinner (left-right) Lachlan (Australia), Erica (USA), Henrik (Denmark), Melanie (France) and Mikkel (Denmark)
Other Orientation highlights have been a series of welcome nights for French, German and Spanish speaking students. The events allow new students to meet each other, as well as Australian students who are studying their language.

American student Erica Johnson says Australia felt like home immediately. “It’s such a beautiful country, and different to any other place in the world. It’s like an untouched wilderness, with lots of animals and trees.”

See the International Student Services website for a full Orientation program.


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