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International Student Diary

Chinese Bachelor of Applied Finance student Yue Lin (Linda) Lee has this advice for new students

During the past two years at Macquarie University, I find myself really loving my life here.

I chose to study finance because Macquarie offers Australia’s leading finance program. Studying is not always easy, but although the process is painful, it is very rewarding.

The high academic standards mean that Macquarie graduates are in high demand by employers.

Studying overseas is a good opportunity, but how much you get from the experience is your choice. My suggestion is to go out, talk to the locals and make friends. There is so much to explore in this fantastic multicultural environment!

Linda (left) with friend Cheryl at the Economic and Financial Studies Division Awards, 2004


Linda Lee at Anna Bay, north of Sydney

I went on exchange to Denmark last year. Being an exchange student was really the most exciting experience I have had so far. The good news is that Macquarie provides generous travel grants to support all students who study abroad.

Macquarie's Global Leadership Program is also excellent. It helps students to understand cross-cultural concepts and prepare to compete in a global marketplace. I highly recommend the program to all students.

I still remember the first day I enrolled at Macquarie two years ago. The student buddies were really friendly and helped me a lot. This year, I became a student buddy to help new international students. What I really enjoyed about this program was making friends from all over the world and sharing experiences with each other.

I remember what an International Student Advisor said to new international students during Orientation Week: ‘Make full use of the resources at Macquarie and enjoy life in Australia and so you can get the most from your overseas experience.’

That is also my advice for international students.