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Antonio's first two weeks down under

Mexican student Antonio Valentin Galvan Puente shares his first impressions of Macquarie

One year ago I never thought I was going to be in Sydney.

But IDP Education Australia, the Secretariat of Public Education in Mexico and Macquarie University have made this experience possible through their Peace Scholarship program.

I have been living here for three weeks and I am pleased to be here.

The international experience is great - I am amazed about the multiculturalism that is present in Australia. In just two weeks I have met people from Australia, Germany, Holland, France, England, United States, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, Colombia, Canada and also “heaps” of people from my own country.

Despite the differences between Australia’s education system and the one I am used to, I am getting familiar with it. Everything is so organised and well-prepared that I just have to worry about attending classes, reading, researching and writing. The lecturers and professors are nice and understanding; I like it that I can address them by their first names.



Mexican student Antonio in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney

And the lectures are available on the net! The Web CT pages created for each unit are such a great source of information, and in the library I can find every single book I look for.

Back home in Mexico I am studying a Bachelor in Political Communication. At Macquarie I am pleased with the units related to Media Studies and I am extremely interested in the area of International Communication - it is an approach that I have never used before. It was difficult to decide because there where so many interesting units to choose from.

I have found that most of the units at Macquarie are designed with a commitment to social understanding and that is what I am interested in. Once I am done with my undergraduate studies I would really like to come back to Macquarie and study my Masters in International Communication.

The motto of IDP’s Peace Scholarship Program is ‘Global Peace and Understanding through International Education’.

I must say that I am glad I am at Macquarie since I think there is no better place in Australia for such an international experience which will strengthen my commitment to global peace and understanding.

Antonio will be studying International Communication at Macquarie for one year.