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Stephen plans his environment

Chinese student Guo (Stephen) Xiaoyu is passionate about environmental planning.

“Planning is the first step. Major problems are caused when you sacrifice the environment.”

He says, “The environmental planning field has lots of potential. In China the growing economic market has caused environmental problems, but there is a lack of solutions.”

Stephen knew he wanted to study his Master of Environmental Planning abroad and chose Macquarie after lengthy research. “Macquarie is very famous in China and it has advanced knowledge not just in Accounting and Commerce, but also in the Graduate School of the Environment.”



Environmental Planning student Guo (Stephen) Xiaoyu

“I have read that graduates from Australian universities have the highest income. I will try and work here for two or three years, but my final purpose is to move back to China.”

Stephen has noticed a big difference between Australian and Chinese education systems. “Classes here use workshops, where we can discuss ideas with other students… you learn a lot from your classmates… Also, teachers here want to hear your opinion.”

Stephen is the only non-English background student in his class. He says, “This is a big benefit. Lecturers were worried about me at first because they thought I might be shy, but I don’t feel shy at all… All the lecturers in the Graduate School of the Environment are very kind and very considerate of international students. For example, on field trips priority is given to international students.”    

For more information about Environmental Planning at Macquarie, visit the MQ International website.


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