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An Exchange Journal

A trek in Timbuktu

Here I am at the edge of the Sahara desert, in Timbuktu (yes, it exists).
It is so exciting to be here with friends, and in about two hours we will be going on an overnight camel trek into the Sahara desert with some Tuareg people.
Our trip so far has been amazing. Togo and Benin were really fascinating, particularly the stilt villages on the lake in Benin. From Benin we went up to Burkina Faso, which was a hell of a ride - changing vans four times, weather-punctured tyres, dust and rainstorms.



Burkina Faso was different to Togo and Benin. It was hot and very dry, but we went to the green south and saw some beautiful rock formations and waterfalls.

Last week we went up to Mali. We left the Burkina border as the flag was being lowered, and almost got in trouble because we had our backs to the flag. We were told that normally for such an offence we would have to get on our knees and circle the flag a number of times!

In Mali we trekked through Dogon country, which has been the highlight of the trip so far. The Dogon people live above and below a huge escarpment that extends about 200kms across southern Mali. There are ancient villages built on the cliff of the escarpment, and they were unbelievable

When our trek ended we began the journey up to Timbuktu, and so here I am!

B. Arts/Law
University of Ghana, semester 1, 2005