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Going home checklist

As the semester ends, hundreds of international students will be heading home and saying goodbye to Macquarie and Australia.

They are likely to feel a jumble of emotions - excitement, sadness and anxiety – about returning to their home country.

Jorge Baron, from International Student Services says, “Students have gone through many changes during their time at Macquarie, and many will experience “reverse culture shock” when they return home. It is almost as though they have to re-learn their home country’s culture.”

Jorge says it is vital that students prepare themselves before they leave. International Student Services has provided a checklist with all the main tasks to do before heading home.



Saying goodbye: Amanda, Lachlan, Jo, Fleur and Moosi

Change your personal contact details online (otherwise you will not receive your  academic transcript)
Pay any outstanding money on your university account (for example library and tuition fees) so that your transcript can be released and you can graduate
Contact the Academic Programs Section about your graduation ceremony
Settle all utilities accounts and arrange for disconnection of telephone, gas and electricity
Redirect mail through Australia Post
File any outstanding medical insurance claims, and pay the balance you owe
Lodge a tax return      
Ask lecturers and employers for reference letters
Take photos of the campus and your accommodation
Say goodbye to your friends, lecturers and the staff at Macquarie International! 

Remember - Macquarie wants to hear where your degree takes you, and you will always be part of the global Macquarie community. Check the alumni website for events and alumni chapters in your home country. You are always welcome back at Macquarie, whether to study or visit! 

International Student Services has prepared a thorough guide to help prepare students for the transition home.                          

Students who attended the Farewell Function can pick up their photos with the Vice Chancellor on stage from the International Office Front Desk, Building E3A Level 1.