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MQ study for Malaysia’s future teachers

Twenty five Malaysian students arrived at Macquarie this week to begin 2 years of study in the Bachelor of Education (TESOL).

The students, whose program is funded by the Malaysian Government, complete their first year of studies in Malaysia before coming to Sydney for second and third year. They then return home for their fourth and final year of study.

The program is an attempt by the Malaysian government to attract more people to become teachers, and covers their tuition fees, accommodation and some living expenses.

The students must work as teachers (English teachers in secondary schools) in Malaysia for 6 years after they finish the program.

As part of the orientation at Macquarie, the group was addressed by the Head of Mission, Mr Musa Bin Mansor, of the Malaysian Consulate.




Head of Mission, Mr Musa Bin Mansor, talks to Malaysian students

Mr Mansor encouraged the students to learn to be versatile teachers and also spoke about the easy going “no worries” attitude of Australians.

“These students become English teachers so that’s why they come to an English speaking country for 2 years,” says Annette Giles, Transnational Program Officer at Macquarie International. “Other groups go to universities in Queensland, Auckland and the UK.”

“The degree is unique to this group of students and was specifically designed with a mix of linguistics and education,” says Annette.

This year is the first group of students that have come to Sydney. There will be a limited number of intakes, with the final group completing the degree in 2011.

For more information about the program contact the Ministry of Education in Malaysia. Enquiries about the Macquarie component can be emailed to Annette Giles.