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An Exchange Journal

Surviving first week adventures

Classes here are small, twenty people is the maximum. There are no lectures, just these little classes. They call the professors sir and ma’am (I got called ma’am too) I think it must be a southern thing!

Just like high school, homework is set every night, the only thing missing are the report cards, and I think they'd issue them too but that'll waste paper and Asheville folk are more or less recycling maniacs (if it's brown, it's been recycled  - at least once!)

Their library is pretty; no offence to Macquarie, but this one has a cafe in it!


My tips of the week

1. Look LEFT before crossing the street, unless you want to get run over by a Hummer!
2. Our 10 cent coins weigh very close to their quarter. Speaking of currency, how much do I miss our money for dummies?!? Theirs just looks identical! I either give out dollar notes or hundred dollar notes - I gave a lady a hundred and one dollars for a $5.50 detergent- that was clever!
3. Don't be surprised if random strangers talk to you! (Again, it's Asheville, small place, big hearts!).


B. Arts/ Education
University of North Carolina, USA


It was a dark and cloudy February morning as Stephen, the great explorer, was about to begin his epic quest of single handedly circumnavigating the world with the assistance of many others and yet still planning to claim the whole thing as his own achievement like any good explorer would! Here begins my journey to Japan to study for a year - I will keep you posted of its outcomes.

B. Arts
Gunma University, Japan

From the Regent Street Campus of Westminster University, I say Hello Geezers!

My university is beautiful. I was expecting sweeping grounds and parks, but it’s pretty much just a building- but an old, architecturally magnificent building. One of the lecture theatres is like a real stage theatre – there’s detail on all the walls, upstairs with wings, and stained glass panels in the roof! It’s absolutely amazing!

I haven’t found a place to live yet, but I did go and have a look at an available hall of residence room today. It’s only two Tube stations away from Regent Street. It’s £80 a week, 2m by 4m wide, shared kitchen and laundry and small downstairs common room.  It’s cosy – I think I’ll take it!

B. Arts
Westminister University, UK