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Top tips for new students

Just landed in Sydney and wondering what now? Canadian student Michelle Long remembers how it felt to be new in town, and has put together a survival guide for new students. Here are some of the highlights:


You can find out what’s on in Sydney at Tuesdays are discount day at the movies, but Macquarie students get a discount all-week round at Greater Union, Macquarie Centre.

For a cheap meal, you can head to the Ranch on a Friday for $6 roasts, or the Pyrmont and Mosman Hotels do $5 steaks. It’s also a good idea to join in as many Orientation events as you can- it’s the best way to meet friends and settle in to life in Sydney.


For big savings on transport, buy a Travel 10 bus pass. It’s also wise to plan your trip before you leave. The transport info line has a website- where you can check fares, timetables and routes.


You can get discounts on transport, accommodation, communication, food and shopping with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Go to STA travel for details.


Cheap and unique clothes, souvenirs and homewares can be found at markets like Glebe, Paddington and Paddy’s in the city. And on Thursdays most shopping malls are open until 9pm.



You can find a cheap feed in Sydney if you know where to go


If you’re in Australia for a short time, you’ll want to see as much of the country as you can. There is an STA travel branch on campus which can give you some good deals. If you want to travel further a-field, you can apply to study at one of our hundreds of international partners. And Macquarie will give you a travel grant of up to $5,000! Check with Mac Abroad for more information.


International students can apply for a work permit after classes have started. These will allow you to work up to twenty hours per week during semester, and 40 hours during the holidays. You can find a job through word of mouth, Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald, or the Careers Office at Macquarie.

The International Student Tips brochure is available from the International Office Drop In Centre, building E3A.