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O - Week 2005

Welcome to Orientation at Macquarie! Over the next three weeks, hundreds of new students from all over the world will be exploring Macquarie for the first time.

"O-Week gives students all the information they need to make the transition to Macquarie smooth and easy," says International Student Advisor Jorge Baron. 

"It’s a great time to make friends, find out about the services at uni and start thinking about life at Macquarie."

“It’s a huge step for students to come to Australia, and many are anxious when they arrive. They are always thankful for the extra support.”

Each year Macquarie’s O-Week calendar expands, and this year there will be more information sessions and social events than ever before.

New students can learn about finding a job, accommodation, travel and adjusting to university, as well as how to live cheaply and have fun in Sydney.




Student buddies Sarah, Johanna and Aurora assist new student Emily at O Week

This semester there will also be sessions about Australian culture, which will talk about our strange Aussie customs, like 'queuing', playing cricket and eating Vegemite for breakast. The 'cultural exchange' sessions will be held weekly during semester, so students can talk about their cultures and practise conversational English. 

Macquarie International has enlisted a team of friendly local students to act as ‘buddies’ during O-Week. The buddies, dressed in bright orange shirts, will run the information sessions and share their personal experiences of university.

One of the highlight of O-Week 2005 was the Scavenger Hunt that sent teams of students foraging around campus in search of obscure photos and souvenirs. Jorge says, “We were shocked at how successful the students were. One scavenger challenge was to get a team photo with a kangaroo. The students climbed the fence of the marsupial park and actually managed to get it!”

“O week is an exciting time for everyone involved, and it’s great to hear the individual stories from students. I have one student from Bangladesh who has been planning his study here for ten years. Some students are like that, and for others it was almost a new year’s resolution.”

“We’re just happy they have come to Macquarie, and we’re confident they’ll have a great time here,” says Jorge.

More information on orientation events can be found on the Macquarie International website.