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Macquarie Global Leadership Program

Macquarie's Global Leadership Program

Stand up for global issues – and stand out from the pack

Graduates able to demonstrate an understanding of cross-cultural concepts through their own international experience will have a strong competitive edge in today's global marketplace. Employers will look beyond your academic transcript for the additional skills you have developed including communication, creativity, leadership and initiative. Industry demands graduates who have proven their potential for a leadership position.

As part of Macquarie's commitment to internationalisation and innovation, the Global Leadership Program (GLP) allows students to enhance their Macquarie degree and develop their potential to become a global leader.

Macquarie's Global Leadership Program can equip you with the leadership potential, professional skills and international experiences to pursue a truly international career.

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"GLP and Macquarie University are acknowledging that initiatives and achievements that I have taken on outside of my university program are an integral part of my education."

"I love that I am in charge of my education - I get to choose how to push myself and what barriers I want to broaden. The opportunities that are presented to me as a GLP participant are beyond what I could imagine for myself and allow me to experience things I never though I would."

"Ask yourself: "what do I want to make of my time as a uni student?" If the answer involves travel, socialising, pushing your boundaries and being acknowledged for your achievements, then this is where you want to be!"

Anna, Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)

Enquiries can be directed to:

Address: Global Leadership Program
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Building E3A, Macquarie University
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Tel: (02) 9850 6761
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